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Web Applications

Spring makes building web applications fast and hassle-free. By removing much of the boilerplate code and configuration associated with web development, you get a modern web programming model that streamlines the development of server-side HTML applications, REST APIs, and bidirectional, event-based systems.

Developer productivity

Spring Boot is the starting point of your developer experience, whatever you’re building. Spring Boot is designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible, with minimal upfront configuration. With its embedded application servers, you can be serving in seconds.

Spring’s out-of-the-box, production-ready features (like tracing, metrics, and health status) provide developers with deep insight into their applications.

Finally, Spring supports multiple JVM languages: Java, Kotlin, and Groovy.

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Battle-tested security

When it’s time to secure your web application, Spring Security supports many industry-standard authentication protocols, including SAML, OAuth, and LDAP.

Get protection from top OWASP attacks, such as session fixation, clickjacking, cross-site request forgery, and more.

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Data access made easy

Spring helps developers connect their web applications to a number of data stores. It supports relational and non-relational databases, map-reduce frameworks, and cloud-based data services.

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